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Electrify Your Ride

There's a better way to drive, and it's electric.


Electric vehicles have officially entered the mainstream. They're showing up in our neighborhoods and city blocks, and they’re ushering in a new, better age of the automobile.

Nearly every major car manufacturer has announced that they're making major investments in electric vehicles (EVs), and it’s no secret why. EVs have incredible efficiency, killer performance, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional, gas-powered vehicles—all at a price point that now makes owning an EV a smart decision for millions of drivers.

What's more: electric vehicles are a critical piece of the puzzle that will get us to a future powered completely by clean energy. By "going electric" with our transportation, we can stop burning oil and start powering our cars with electricity—which is already cleaner than burning oil, and is continuously getting cleaner as we power more of our electrical grid with wind and solar.

It's time to ditch last century's technology—with its oil changes, transmission repairs, and timing belts—and help accelerate a clean energy future. It's about time to electrify your ride.

Electrify Your Ride VA
Stay tuned for our “Electrify Your Ride VA” campaign coming late summer 2019. We’re partnering with Virginia Clean Cities, Green Energy Consumers Alliance, and others to bring events, education, and discounts on EVs to a Virginia city near you.
Why drive an electric vehicle?
These days, there’s good reason to think seriously about buying an electric vehicle. First off, picture this: no more gas stations, transmission repairs, oil changes, or timing belt failures. There are far fewer things to break down, which means lower maintenance costs and fewer trips to the mechanic. Watch this short video for even more reasons.
Watch the video
This holiday, put an electric vehicle on your wish list
Buying an electric vehicle (EV) is a great way to take meaningful action toward a clean energy future. And the best part is, there are lots of new and more affordable options available as the economics of EVs continue to improve for large segments of the car-driving population. So instead of putting another gift under the tree, maybe it’s time to drive a special (very big) one into the garage instead.
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