Change energy at your community's doorstep

Keep It Cool is all about creating community-level change: change not only in the amount of energy wasted and pollution emitted, but change in how a community sees energy. The goal is communities that have cleaner air and are more Energy Aware.


A thermal image showing an open storefront door on a hot day

Generation 180 is teaming up with local governments, like Santa Cruz, California -- to create local co-branded Keep It Cool initiatives. We can work with your community leadership to create local campaigns with webpages, promotional materials, and emails to local retailers.

Some communities—like New York City—have prohibited stores from leaving doors propped open in the summer. Keep It Cool is an effective, pre-built grassroots campaign that can mobilize consumers and motivate retailers to close their doors without going through the process of cumbersome legislation.

More than ever, communities across the country are playing an important role in accelerating the arrival of a healthier future powered by clean energy. Keep It Cool is a simple, visible campaign to help your community see energy as a resource we should use responsibly.

If you’re interested in bringing the Keep It Cool campaign to your community, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us: