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Our country continues to make remarkable progress in the transition to clean energy. The power industry is shifting away from coal to renewables, businesses and communities are purchasing clean energy, and the transportation sector is going electric. Additionally, technologies like rooftop solar and electric vehicles are now ready, proven, and affordable—making it possible for consumers to dramatically accelerate the transition clean energy. 

The problem? Many of us are largely unaware of all of this.

Many of us have been living with an old script about energy that’s become obsolete, replaced by a new reality
that’s redefining energy in society. Embracing the new reality has the power to mobilize us from apathy to action. It can move us to make choices that help secure a better, safer, healthier, clean energy future:


The new energy reality is all around us, it’s hard to miss. Millions of homes and businesses have already gone solar, we are seeing more electric cars on the streets. We have more control of our energy production and consumption, and it’s changing how we think and talk about energy. That means we’re paying more attention to energy as we conserve more and make our homes smarter, better insulated, and more efficient.

Collectively these actions comprise a cultural shift in energy, like recycling or local food. We call this cultural shift the Energy Aware Movement.


The objective of the energy aware movement is to accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy. Here’s a simple chart of what that looks like.



The chart shows that we get to a 100% clean energy future when clean energy supply catches up to energy demand. The Movement’s aim is to bend both curves by reducing energy demand through less waste and more efficiency, while accelerating clean energy adoption. This is the quickest path to a better future.


Popular Support
There's unprecedented social, political, and moral support for the transition away from fossil fuels. With the Paris Agreement, the We Are Still In pledge, fossil fuel divestment, and the support of all major world religions, people can see their efforts are in concert with a transition that is credible and has momentum.  


The Changing Power Industry
Wind and solar power continue to grow, innovate, and pass major milestones, and people are taking notice. Because these are technologies, not fuels, costs decline as clean energy advances. The coal, oil, and gas industries simply can't keep up.


Businesses Buying Clean Energy
Leading businesses and brands like Google, Amazon, Unilever, Starbucks, and Walmart continue to buy wind and solar energy, proving that clean energy is smart business, and raising awareness throughout society that clean energy has moved from an alternative to a mainstream energy solution.


New, Better Choices for You
Innovations like rooftop solar and electric vehicles are now smart decisions for your wallet and for your community’s air quality and public health. It’s a win-win. No sacrifice necessary.

The power of the marketplace to change industries is well understood, and we are the beneficiaries.  Energy, the world’s largest industry, is being disrupted, much like the iPhone disrupted and reshaped personal communications.  Companies see opportunity and are bringing better products that are more convenient and deliver more value to you, the consumer.  


Direct Action
Our new choices allow us to implement change, they give people a way to address pollution directly by voting with their wallets. Better choices have given us more control. For the first time, people have a straightforward path to help ensure a healthier energy future, faster.


Individuals and communities across the country—that together make up the Energy Aware Movement—are already beginning to bend the curves and accelerate the arrival of a clean energy future. You can take part, too: drop the old script, embrace the new reality, and join the Energy Aware Movement.