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Go Solar

Millions of people are already powering their lives with clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Residential and community solar systems are spreading across the country, from the sun-soaked roofs of the rural southwest to neighborhoods in Massachusetts.

With the costs of solar power plummeting, solar is now the fastest growing energy source worldwide. More than 1.5 million households in the U.S. have already gone solar—and every 90 seconds another one joins the ranks. These homeowners are producing local energy, promoting energy independence, and reducing pollution and carbon emissions in their communities—all while saving money on their utility bills.

Solar power strengthens our local economies, not only providing savings on energy costs but creating good jobs: since 2010 the U.S. has gained nearly 150,000 solar jobs—a 159% increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over the next decade, “solar installer” will be the fastest growing job in America.

The solar revolution represents a profound shift in how we power our lives, and it’s rapidly transforming our energy system from an endless cycle of mining, drilling, refining, and polluting into one powered by clean, renewable energy.

Check out the resources below to learn more.


Thor's hammer and the fight against fossil fuels
As energy consumers, we’re on the front lines of an important battle. Until recently, we didn’t have much say in where we got the electricity we need to power our lives. But with new energy technologies, we’re gaining the upper hand—and we have a formidable weapon on our side.
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Understanding Energy Storage Webinar
Learn about the power of solar energy storage for your home and school with Corey Ramsden of United Solar Neighbors. The presentation takes a consumer's perspective on how the technology works, what the economics look like for homeowners, and how large, grid-scale storage is beginning to impact your utility and the power industry as a whole.
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More Resources

  • Solar United Neighbors: Solar United Neighbors is dedicated to representing the needs and interests of solar owners and supporters.

  • Solar Power Rocks: Comprehensive guides to solar policy and incentives for all 50 states and the District of Columbia

  • Vote SolarWorks at the state level all across the country to support the policies and programs needed to repower our grid with clean energy.

  • Energy Sage: Get competing solar quotes online

  • NYTimes Energy by StateEvery state’s electricity generation mix between 2001 and 2017 using data from the United States Energy Information Administration.

  • Project SunroofYour own personalized solar savings estimator, powered by Google Earth imagery.