Arizona Solar Resources

General resources regarding state solar policies, solar incentives, and utilities.

  • Solar Education Modules: The mission of the Arizona Solar Center is to enhance the utilization of renewable energy, educate Arizona's residents on solar technology developments, support commerce and industry in the development of solar and other sustainable technologies, and coordinate these efforts throughout the state of Arizona. READ MORE →
  • Cactus Moon Education: Cactus Moon helps educate students and teachers in understanding the different types of renewable energy sources and the technologies that can be used to take advantage of those sources. READ MORE →
  • Commercial/Industrial Solar Energy Tax : The primary goal of the Commercial/Industrial Solar Energy Tax Credit Program (Solar Program) is to stimulate the use of solar energy in commercial, industrial, and other non-residential applications by subsidizing the cost of solar energy devices. The Solar Program achieves this goal by providing an Arizona income tax credit to offset the cost of installation of a qualifying solar energy device at an Arizona business facility. READ MORE →

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