California Solar Resources

General resources regarding state solar policies, solar incentives, and utilities.

  • GRID Alternatives California: The nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, GRID develops and implements solar projects that serve low-income households and communities. Through our unique, people-first model, we are putting money back into families’ pockets, reducing the energy cost burden for housing providers, and jumpstarting solar careers. We partner with affordable housing organizations, job training groups, government agencies, municipalities, utilities, tribes and local communities to make solar a win for everyone. READ MORE →
  • Helios Project: A volunteer organization helping schools in California go solar. The HELiOS model works for most school districts because it combines favorable financing, utility-administered rebates (when available), and efficiency and conservation measures, to make it possible to install a renewable energy system that produces all, or much, of a school's electricity without increasing a District's operating expenses. READ MORE →
  • LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network): LEAN Energy US is dedicated to the accelerated expansion and competitive success of clean energy CCA nationwide. We work in partnership with a range of organizations to actively support the formation and operational success of CCAs around the country. We do this on a pro bono, advisory basis as well as through professional service contracts with states and municipalities interested in authorizing and forming CCA programs. READ MORE →
  • SPURR: We offer innovative procurement programs for solar, energy storage, natural gas, electricity, energy expense management and conservation, LED lights, energy demand response, telecommunications and internal networking to California public school districts, community colleges, county offices of education, public universities, cities, counties, municipal agencies, and non-profit educational organizations. READ MORE →

Generation180 has toolkits, guides, reports, and more to help your school go solar. Visit for even more resources.