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District Resolution and Goal Setting Resources

Clear goals and policies are essential to successfully transition a K-12 school district to 100% clean energy.

Goal Setting and Campaigning Resources

  • EPA Guidance for Setting Renewable Electricity Goal: A Framework to Help Municipalities Achieve Their Objectives: This Guidance from the EPA provides a framework for why and how to set a renewable electricity goal and discusses the key considerations and benefits of doing so, including a four-page worksheet which provides actionable steps to set a goal. READ MORE →
  • School Board Advocacy Toolkit: From USGBC's Center for Green Schools, this toolkit is designed to help green school allies address sustainability issues and impact greener policies at the school district level. READ MORE →
  • 100% Clean Energy school Districts Campaign Organizing Toolkit: From Climate Parents and the Sierra Club, this toolkit is for parents, students, teachers, and others who are interested in helping move school districts toward 100% clean energy. READ MORE →
  • Decarbonization Roadmap for School Building Decision Makers: The New Buildings Institute developed this guide for those interested in healthy, efficient, carbon neutral school design, construction and operation. It outlines achievable goals that result in healthy, affordable, all-electric facilities, and explains common actions taken by leading districts to operationalize their carbon neutral ambitions. READ MORE →
  • Climate Action Toolkit for School Board Members: From UnDaunted K-12, this toolkit was designed to support school board members to understand their role in driving meaningful climate solutions. School board members can collaborate with district, youth, and community leaders to pass resolutions and develop climate action plans for their districts. READ MORE →

Sample Resolutions

  • School Board Climate Action Resolution Examples: Schools for Climate Action tracks the school board climate action resolutions since 2018. Read through the passed resolutions to get ideas for your own school district and share your districts resolution. READ MORE →
  • Examples of Carbon Neutral School District Resolutions: This document, part of NBI's Decarbonization Roadmap Guide for School Building Decision Makers, shares 15 examples of carbon neutral school district resolutions. READ MORE →

Last Updated: 8/11/2023

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