General Electric School Bus Resources

General resources and grants to help you bring electric school buses to your community.

Electric school buses are changing transportation for the better. It’s time to ditch the dirty diesel buses that transport 25 million kids in America each day and opt for the solution: electric school buses.


  • National Grant — Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA): The EPA anticipates awarding more than $46 million for projects that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions and exposure, particularly from fleets operating in areas designated by the Administrator as poor air quality areas. For this cycle, the application closes Tuesday, March 16, 2021. READ MORE →


  • Electric School Bus Education: The Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center provides a series of educational webinars and resources about the benefits of electric school buses and examples of their use. READ MORE →
  • Action Playbook: Help Your School District Electrify Buses: This playbook, from Climate Changemakers, provides a step-by-step playbook of actions to take to help your school district adopt electric school buses. READ MORE →
  • Electric School Bus Initiative: The World Resource Institute (WRI) developed the Electric School Bus Initiative to support school districts in accelerating the equitable transition to electric school buses. Find tools, resources and data to support your transition to an electrified school transportation system. READ MORE →
  • Alliance for Electric School Bus School District Resources: These resources have been curated by the Alliance for Electric School Bus (AESB) to help bring electric school buses to communities across the country. READ MORE →
  • Dream Corps/Green For All's Electric School Bus Toolkit: Green For All is mobilizing for zero-emission electric buses because every child deserves a clean ride to school. This toolkit outlines the key steps you need to take to advance electric buses in your community. READ MORE →
  • U.S. PIRG — Paying for Electric Buses (October 2018): This report from PIRG and Environment America highlights the key funding mechanisms for school districts and localities to advance electric transit and electric buses. READ MORE→
  • U.S. PIRG — Electric Buses Report (May 2018): This report from PIRG and Environment America outlines how electric buses advance healthier neighborhoods and cleaner air. READ MORE→
  • U.S. PIRG — Electric School Buses and the Grid: This report from PIRG, Environment America, and Frontier Group highlights the opportunity for school districts to reap the benefits of an electric school bus fleet with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. READ MORE→
  • Electric School Bus Market Study & Buyers Guide: WRI created this comprehensive study and guide to offer school districts and others an overview of the electric school bus market and a catalog that presents electric school bus models available today with detailed vehicle specifications. READ MORE→
  • League of Conservation Voters — Clean Buses for Healthy Niños Campaign: Through grassroots community organizing, we’re calling on governors to put the health of our kids and communities first by using their state’s Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust for clean electric school buses. READ MORE→
  • Mothers Out Front: Children riding on diesel school buses are exposed to 5 to 15 times more air toxins than the rest of the population, so MOF is working on advocacy efforts to advance electric school bus adoption. READ MORE→
  • Dominion Energy Electric School Buses: Dominion Energy is partnering with Virginia school districts to begin replacing Virginia diesel buses with electric. READ MORE→
  • Denver E-School Bus Program: The Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition ESB Working Group is a peer-to-peer educational opportunity for school districts and other interested stakeholders to learn about electric school buses, and elements of sustainable transportation. Stakeholders include School District Staff (Principals, Fleet Managers), Community Representatives, Transit Agencies (RTD), and Utilities. READ MORE →
  • The Electric School Bus Revolution: Start Going EV Now, Find Funding, and Avoid Pitfalls: This insight report from Secure Futures outlines the benefits and funding options for transitioning to an electric school bus fleet. READ MORE →
  • The Electric School Bus Guidebook: From NYSERDA, the New York State Electric School Bus (ESB) Guidebook contains information, strategies, and resources to assist school districts, contractors, and other school bus stakeholders with this transition. The Guidebook is made up of content-specific ‘guides’ that cover a variety of school bus electrification topics including environmental benefits of electrification, electric school bus and charger purchasing, available incentives, site planning, workforce training, and operations and maintenance of electric school buses. READ MORE →


  • Green Schools Catalyst — "Electric School Buses." This case study highlights the role electric school buses can play in advancing clean energy and transforming school transportation. READ MORE →

Last Updated: 8/11/2023

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