How to help your schools make the switch to solar - Starting a Campaign

You don't need to be an energy expert.

Students, parents, teachers, and community members can lead the charge. All you need is passion and dedication to make a difference in your community. Whether you are interested in installing a small solar system on one school or have plans for district-wide solar power, you will need buy-in from your school and district-level leadership. You can spark the interest of decision makers, encourage them to make clean energy a priority, and gather community support for the project. Here's how to start a solar schools campaign.

STEP 1: Recruit a core team

Advocating for schools to make the switch to solar energy is a team effort. Once you have decided to be a champion for solar for your school, you can build a team to help meet your goal. A strong core team should have at least four people who share your passion and dedication for getting solar on your schools.

STEP 2: Connect and collaborate with your team

Once you have recruited people who are interested in collaborating to get solar on your school, convene your group to coordinate how your team will work together toward your goal.

STEP 3: Get Informed about solar opportunities

With your team motivated and organized, you can begin to learn about clean energy opportunities in your community and region. There are a lot of resources and experts to help.

STEP 4: Set a goal for your solar campaign

Once you have gathered information about the opportunities for solar in your area and met with relevant school district officials, then your team should be equipped to determine your solar campaign goals. You will want to develop a clear goal that can be shared with community members who will support your campaign and the ultimate decision-makers.

Last Updated: 01/13/2021

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