Michigan Solar Resources

General resources regarding state solar policies, solar incentives, and utilities.

  • Community Solar in Michigan: This report is intended to help guide Michigan groups through the web of rules and regulations specific to Community Solar in Michigan, and provide up-front information to enthusiasts, community groups, and developers on how to successfully move Community Solar forward in Michigan. READ MORE →
  • Michigan Renewable Schools Program: Run by Ecology Center and USGBC MI, this program provided comprehensive energy efficiency assistance to selected Michigan K-12 schools. Sixty-seven school facilities participated in the initial pilot and currently save over $400,000 annually as a result of the program. READ MORE →
  • Michigan Saves: Public Sector Energy Financing is available through Michigan Saves - a nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easier for all Michigan energy consumers. To accomplish this, Michigan Saves operates as a green bank, making affordable financing and incentives available through grants and partnerships with private-sector lenders and energy providers. READ MORE →
  • Michigan SEIA: The Solar Energy Industries Association's overview of state-specific solar resources, including installers, solar policy priorities, and highlights. READ MORE →
  • Energy Works Michigan: Energy Works Michigan is a non-profit technical resource, building a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous energy future for Michigan. This 2-year project brings energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements and education to multiple public and private K-12 schools throughout Michigan. READ MORE →
  • Michigan Renewable Schools Green Revolving Fund: This investment tool helps school districts establish a sustainable funding stream for facility improvements, all while reducing environmental impacts and improving your bottom line. The cost savings from building upgrades are returned to the GRF account from which they originated, allowing the account to grow and make additional project investments over time. READ MORE →

Generation180 has toolkits, guides, reports, and more to help your school go solar. Visit SolarForAllSchools.org for even more resources.