Minnesota Solar Resources

General resources regarding state solar policies, solar incentives, and utilities.

  • Clean Energy Resource Team (CERT) Solar Schools: CERTs has been working with schools across the state to make solar a reality for years, and in the process, has developed unbiased tools and resources for other schools to utilize free of charge. Tools for site selection, requests for proposals, State contracts, calculators, and more are online and ready to use. READ MORE →
  • SolarSense Rebates: Minnesota Power’s SolarSense program provides rebates to reduce the upfront costs of installing solar, helping make solar energy a more viable option for customers. SolarSense is available to customers installing a solar electric photovoltaic (PV) system. READ MORE →
  • Rural Renewable Energy Alliance: We are dedicated to making solar energy accessible to communities of all income levels. Since 2000, our 501(c)(3) organization has accomplished our mission by providing solar energy assistance to low-income families and communities as a sustainable solution to energy poverty. We also have offered internships, hands-on training, and workshops for people of all ages to learn about solar energy as part of our Education and Community Outreach (ECO) program. READ MORE →
  • MN Commerce Department: Minnesotans are often surprised to learn that MN has annual solar resources similar to areas of Florida and Texas. If you are interested in powering your home or school with solar energy, Commerce is here to help. Resources include a solar business directory, solar fact sheets, and installation tips. READ MORE →
  • Solar Incentives: There are a number of great reasons to go solar in Minnesota. EnergySage is on a mission to make going solar as easy as booking a flight online. Energy Sage outlines all of the solar rebates and incentives available in the state. READ MORE →
  • Solar for Schools Grant Program: Established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2021, the Solar for Schools Grant Program is designed to stimulate the installation of solar energy systems on Minnesota public schools, while using the opportunity to integrate renewable energy into school curriculum. Eligible public schools may be awarded up to $114,000 to use for the purchase and install of a solar energy system. READ MORE→

    Last updated: 6/17/2020

Generation180 has toolkits, guides, reports, and more to help your school go solar. Visit SolarForAllSchools.org for even more resources.