New Mexico Solar Resources

General resources regarding state solar policies, solar incentives, and utilities.

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Bond Financing: ECMD teamed with the New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC) to help develop standards, model ordinances, and guidelines in order to help New Mexico’s counties implement Property Assessment Clean Energy Bond (PACE) financing. PACE financing is an innovative approach to spreading out the costs of energy improvements over a long period. This has the effect of greatly reducing the up-front costs of renewable energy while more closely matching the costs of an energy improvement with the provided benefit on a year to year basis. READ MORE →
  • Solar Market Development Tax Credit: The "New Solar Market Development Tax Credit" was passed by the 2020 New Mexico Legislature. Senate Bill 29 was sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart and Representative Matthew McQueen. This bill provides a 10% tax credit with a value up to $6,000 for a solar system. READ MORE →

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