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Keep It Cool logo


You can make a difference.

Keep It Cool is mobilizing people all over America this summer to encourage stores to close their doors to wasting energy. You can help by spreading the word!

Share On Social


Show your support and help take the message of saving energy to Main Streets across America


Use the below social posts to help spread the message. Simply click on the social link below the graphic to easily share a post. If you would like to run a custom ad on your website or newsletter, please contact us at keepitcool@generation180.org.



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Add the Twibbon

Show your support online by adding the Keep It Cool Twibbon to your Facebook and Twitter profile images.  Head to this page to do it in a few easy clicks.

Twibbon image copy.jpg

Ready To Advocate?



We need many voices to have an impact on local practices, and ultimately store policies and communities across the country. Feel free to modify these sample documents to submit to the news media, Chambers of Commerce and other local stakeholders.

Sample editorial

Sample letter

Sample newsletter article

Sample Back to School newsletter article

Download our logo


Recognize Energy Savers


Order these free decals to recognize stores and others in your community who Keep it Cool by keeping their doors closed to conserve energy. While you're at it, pick up some Generation 180 and Energy Aware stickers – perfect for your phone or laptop!

Display Window Mock-Up.jpg




Thanks for helping us spread the word. Feel free to contact us at keepitcool@generation180.org with any additional ideas or questions.

107 1st Street South
Suite A
Charlottesville, VA 22902