Tap into the endless, clean power of the sun and everyone benefits.

"It's a privilege to champion a project like this that not only benefits the community, it benefits the hospital and the environment. Over the lifecycle of the project and the field, we expect about a $3.5 million savings for the hospital, and that will allow us to put more money back to direct patient care opportunities.” 

- Scott Blankenship, Director, Facility Support Services, referring to the 1.3 megawatt solar tracking array with battery storage at Carillion New River Valley Medical Center. (Source)

Cost Savings

Solar power purchase agreements lock in long-term savings for host institutions. Knowing that a big portion of the power bill will stay at a low price for twenty years provides greater confidence in budget forecasts and could free up more resources to serve core missions. 

Job Creation

In 2017, solar jobs in Virginia increased by more than 10%. The City of Richmond and Henrico County were among the top ten jurisdictions in the state for solar jobs. Besides the demand for labor created by the five megawatts installed via the RVA Solar Fund, solar arrays installed at schools are fantastic learning tools for students interested in what is now the world’s fastest-growing energy source.

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Pollution Reduction

Richmond-area residents suffer numerous unhealthy air pollution days and experience high rates of asthma. Switching to solar energy reduces air pollution from fossil fuels and protects public health. Waste- and emissions-free power also reduces the negative pressure on lakes, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay. 

Power Sector Diversification

Meeting power needs from a greater variety of sources makes the entire power grid more resilient after disasters and more efficient by avoiding energy losses over long transmission routes. Adding solar power to the grid reduces the price shocks that result from volatile fossil fuel markets. The grid of the future will be a network where consumers are producers making the whole system stronger and smarter.

Download the Why Go Solar Fact Sheet here.