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Resource Library

Be the Spark for Solar 


Solar Schools Campaign Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to running an effective solar campaign at your local schools. Includes tips, template documents, case studies, and more.
download-2139871379821 DOWNLOAD

Solar Schools Campaign Infographic

A visual roadmap laying out the path you'll take in your campaign to advocate for solar at your schools.

Benefits of Solar Schools Infographic

Learn about the key benefits that solar schools can provide to students, schools, communities, and the planet.

Get the Facts You Need


Brighter Future Report

The report includes a comprehensive study and census of nationwide solar schools, as well as the top reasons schools are going solar and the biggest challenges schools face.
download-2139871379821 DOWNLOAD

Brighter Future Overview

This infographic shares key takeaways and statistics from the report and a summary of the first steps for schools going solar.

How-To Guide for Schools

This 10-page guide helps schools understand what they need to know and steps they will take in order to move forward with a solar installation.
download-2139871379821 DOWNLOAD

How-To Guide for Schools Infographic

This infographic summarizes the six steps schools take leading up to the installation of a solar project.

Learn from the Experts


State Resources

Select your state:
daSolar energy : Commercial rebate/tax credit
TVA Green Power Providers : Financial incentive
Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) : General clean energy resource
Solar Power Rocks : Solar guide
DSIRE Alaska : Power project loan
SEIA : Fact sheet
Arizona Solar Center : Education modules
Cactus Moon Education : Renewable energy for elementary students
Arizona Commerce Authority : Non-residential tax credit
OG+E Energy Corp : Rebate program
daSolar : Commercial rebate/tax credit
Let's Go Solar : How-To guide
Arkansas Renewable Energy Association : General clean energy resource
Foundation for Environmental Education : PG&E Solar Schools Program
HELiOS Project : Renewable energy, k-12
KyotoUSA : KyotoUSA: school resource for RFP's
Spurr : Updated RFP announcements
GRID Alternatives California : Youth education/ installation training
GRID Alternatives Colorado : Youth education/ installation training
Solar Energy International : Solar in the Schools Colorado Program
Colorado Energy Office : Renew Our Schools energy savings competition
Colorado Energy Office : Public energy performance contracting
Colorado Energy Office : Energy savings for schools
Colorado Energy Office : Colorado K-12 Schools Program: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools (REEES)
Energize Connecticut : Energy conservation lessons
Clean Energy Authority : Rebates and incentives
DSIRE Connecticut : Connecticut Clean Energy Fund
GRID Alternatives : Education and training for students
Energize Delaware : Clean energy information resource
GRID Alternatives : Education and installation training for high schools
SOLAIRGEN : Online installation training
DSIRE District of Columbia : Subsidy for low-income residents
Solar Energy Center : Education curricula and resources, k-12
SUNMetrix : Incentives and policies
GA Solar Georgia Solar Energy Association : General information resource
Hawai'i Energy : Rebates for comercial solar water heating
Solar Power Rocks : General guide
Hawaiian Electric Smart Power : Smart Power for Schools
Hawaiian Electric Solar Power : Sun Power for Schools
Idaho Power : Solar 4R Schools
Intermountain Wind and Solar : Installation potential and information
SUNMetrix : Incentives and policies
Clean Energy Community Foundation : Solar schools program
Solar Power Rocks : General resource
Sunrun : Incentives and policies
Performance Services : Solar leadership k-12 programs
Indiana Office of Energy Development : General information and incentives
Iowa Wind and Solar : Resource list for schools
Iowa Department of Revenue : State tax credit
DSIRE Kansas : Production tax credit
Clean Energy Authority : Tax incentives
daSolar : Incentives and policies
Solar Insure : Rebate for non-profit and quasi-municipal corporations
Solar Foundation Report on Maryland schools : Solar Foundation Report on Maryland schools:
GRID Alternatives : Solar education and installation training for high schools
Mass.gov : Solar Information and Programs
DSIRE Massachusetts : Renewable Energy Trust Fund
Michigan Renewable Schools Program : Michigan Renewable Schools Program: Solar contest run by Ecology Center and USGBC MI
Net Metering Program : Net Metering Program: LARA public resource
Michigan Saves : Michigan Saves: Public Sector Energy Financing
Michigan SEIA : State solar resources
Energy Works Michigan : Solar school program
Michigan Renewable Schools Program : Investment tool for green projects
Minnesota Power : Minnesota Power: Rebate
Minnesota.gov : MN Commerce Dept
Energy Sage : Rebates and Incentives
da Solar Energy : da Solar Energy: Property Tax exemptions
Empire District Electric : Empire District Electric: Solar PV Rebates
Energy Sage : Rebates and Incentives
SUNMetrix : SUNMetrix: K-12 Energy Loan Program
: Renewable tax incentive
Montana DEQ : Alternative Energy Loan Program
Montana DEQ : Solar Energy Information
Nebraska Solar Schools : Nebraska Solar Schools
Clean Energy Authority : Rebates and Incentives
NV Energy : Public building Rebate program
NV Department of Taxation : Propertity tax exemption
Public Utilities Commision- NH : Commercial & Industrial renewable rebate program
: Commercial & Industrial renewable energy grants
NJ Clean Energy Program : NJ SREC application
NJ Clean Energy Program : NJ solar financing options
Sustainable Jersey for Schools : Sustainable Jersey for Schools Certification
ENMRD : PACE financing- NM
ENMRD : Solar Market Development Tax Credit
DSIRE : Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
NYSERDA : NY-Sun finantial Incenitives
NYSERDA : K-12 solar school resources
NY Power Authority : NY State K-Solar Program
Solar One : Technical and Educational Content
NC Green Power : Performance based incentive
: Corporate Tax Credit
NC Solar Schools : Solar Classroom Activities
: DSIRE: Renewable Energy Tax Credit
Foundation for Environmental Education : Foundation for Environmental Education:
Energy Sage : Rebates and Incentives
Department of Energy : Corporate Tax Credit
Solar Power Rocks : Oklahoma Solar Guide
DSIRE : Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
Oregon.gov : OR Gov: Energy Loan Program
Oregon energy trust : Energy Trust: Performance Incentive
State of Oregon : OR Gov: Energy Incentive Program
State of Oregon : Open EI: Energy Conservation Tax Credit
PA Public Utility Commision : PA Public Utility Commision: Performance Incentive
PA dept. of Community & Economic Development : PA Dept. Community & Economic Development: Solar rebate/ tax incentive
OpenEI : Open EI: Sales tax exemption
National grid : National Grid: Renewable Energy Growth Program
State office of Energy Resources : RI Office of Energy Resources: Solarize Rhode Island
Clean Energy Authority : PACE Solar Incentive
South Carolina Department of Revenue : Solar Energy, Small Hydropower, and Geothermal Tax Credit
SC Green Power : SC Green Power Solar Schools program
South Dakota Department of Energy : Energy iIncentive information
DSIRE Tennesse : Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
Tennessee Valley Authority : Energy Information
State Energy Conservaiton Office : Renewable energy lesson plans.
Clean Energy Authority : Texas rebates & tax incentives
Solar Power Rocks : Texas solar guide
Intermountain Wind & Solar : Information resource
Utah Solar Energy Association : Solar buyer's guide
Vermont Department of Public Service : Renewable energy incentives
Energy-Grants : Efficiency incentive
Dominion Energy : Solar for Students Grant
Clean Energy Authority : Virginia PACE Financing
GRID Alternatives : Solar education and installation training for high schools
City of Arlington : Green Building Incentive Program
Energy Sage : List of rebates and incentives
Dominion Energy : Solar for Schools program
Washington Department of Revenue : Production incentives
Solar Washington : Incentive resource
DSIRE West Virginia : Energy effecient tax deduction
Clean Energy Authority : Rebates & Tax Incentives
Focus on Energy : Solar rebate
DSIRE Wisconsin : Equipment exemption
Clean Energy Authority : Renewable energy loan
DSIRE Wyoming : Energy improvemenrt loan
Colorado Energy Office : Financing options for government and schools